Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girls Basketball Team Recognized for Exemplary Sportsmanship

The Cashton Girls basketball team was recently recognized in the February WIAA bulletin for their exemplary sportsmanship during a game against Viroqua this year. The following report was submitted to the WIAA from game official Wayne Hannes.

Upon arriving at Cashton High School we were immediately greeted by Athletic Director Bill Freiberg and escorted to the officials room and received a warm hospitable welcome with cordial conversation. During the game, which was very close all the way to the end including overtime, both teams displayed positive interactions. The positive interactions included both teams retrieving loose balls and returning them to the officials and addressing us by sir. Viroqua's coach Layne Hannson and Cashton's coach Patte Michalek focused on their respective roles and all we heard were encouraging words towards their players. After the game, my partner and I discussed the good sportsmanship of both teams and how honored we are to be associated with high school sports. Both teams, fans, schools, and communities should be proud of themselves for representing the extension of the classroom in the manner that they do.

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