Friday, September 7, 2012

A New Accountability System for Schools

Wisconsin is launching a new school accountability system.  The system will provide balanced, descriptive information about school performance using multiple measures.

To develop the system, the Department of Public Instruction worked closely with policy makers, parents, teachers, and the business community.  The new accountability system applies to all public schools and takes effect with new school report cards based on 2011-12 student performance.

Each year, schools will receive one of five accountability ratings based on an overall score that results from performance in these priority areas:

  • Student Achievement in reading and mathematics on state assessments
  • Student Growth, measured year-to-year improvements in achievement
  • Closing Gaps in performance between specific student groups
  • On-Track to Graduation/Postsecondary Readiness
Also, poor test participation, dropout, and absenteeism rates can reduce priority area scores.

New School Report Card
The new school report card will show at which of the five levels the school is performing.  It will provide detailed information about the priority areas and performance of student groups to help each school understand its score and carry out data informed improvements.  The following link provides a few examples of what the new school report card looks like (LINK).

Recognizing and Supporting Schools
The DPI will recognize top-performers as Rewards Schools and work to disseminate their best practices to struggling schools.  In struggling schools, interventions will be required including the development and execution of turnaround or improvement plans.  Other schools will be connected with resources that meet their specific needs as part of a new, differentiated statewide system of support.


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