Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cashton Middle/High School Teacher Resources

We are fortunate to have a five new staff members starting this fall.   One challenge for a new staff member is   organizing and accessing the teacher resources available to them.  In an effort to ease this transition I created an online 3-ring binder for our new teachers.  The site that hosts the binder is LiveBinder.com.  The online-cloud based format allows access to all of these documents from any computer.  Throughout the year, I will  update, adjust, and add contributors to the binder.  Most of the documents on the site are uploaded directly from my Google Docs account.  I can control access levels to the documents and, when applicable, it allows certain teachers the ability to edit documents. I personally favor the tab format of live binder versus simply sharing a collection via Docs.  Thank you to Mrs. Julie Lundeen for helping me organize the binder.

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