Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cashton High School Recognized by US News and World Report

Cashton High School has been recognized by US News and World Report as a Bronze Medal school in their annual review of the "Best High Schools" in the United States.  The magazine analyzed 21,786 public high school in 48 states plus the District of Columbia.  A three-step process was used to classify high schools.  The first step compared Cashton students' performance on the WKCE (Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam) to other students in the state.  Statistically our students perform better than average on the reading and math exams.  The second step in the process is to analyze the achievement gap between average students and those students in traditionally under-performing groups.  At Cashton the achievement gap is significantly lower than the state and national average.

It is due to the strong performance in both of these areas that Cashton was recognized as a Bronze Medal school.  To be recognized as Gold or Silver Medal school students must perform exceptional on Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate tests.  Due to our size, we do not have enough of a student sample on these tests to be considered.  It is important to note all Cashton students who express an interest in taking an AP course, in any subject area, have access to these classes through online or distance learning.  Although it is not considered by US News and World Report, I believe our ACT data indicates our students are ready for a successful college experience.  Our 2011 graduates' average composite score of 23.2 is the 2nd highest in the Coulee region, and higher than state and national averages.

While testing data is not the only performance indicator we use to judge the success of our school, this recognition is a positive reflection of our efforts to foster a nurturing and engaging learning environment that empowers all students to reach their fullest potential.

For more information US News and World Reports' methodology for identifying top-performing high schools click HERE

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