Friday, March 30, 2012

Students Perform Outstanding at Solo and Ensemble Competitions

The high school choir recently participated in a
 large group Swing Choir contest.   

New choir folders were recently donated by Carol Hultberg.
The donation in memory of her husband, Ron.
Ron was an educator at Cashton for many years.

The Band and Choir programs have had a busy and successful winter season.  A few of the highlights are documented below:
A large number of students spent many hours outside of class preparing to compete in regional solo and ensemble events.  Both Mrs. Miller and Mr. Muraski reported that students did an excellent job.  
State qualifiers: : Ashley Thornton and Katrina Bjornstad- vocal duet; Amelia Korn- classical and musical theatre solos; Mark Steger and Sonia Cummings- vocal duet; Ashley Thornton-classical and musical theatre solos; Sonia Cummings- classical and musical theatre solos; Sonia Cummings, Rosalba Hernandez, Shayna Kircher, Alexis Gilbertson, Amelia Korn, Clare Slattery, Ashley Thornton, Katrina Bjornstad and Misty Duffy in a vocal triple trio; Cody Von Ruden- musical theatre solo; Brian Swiggum-vocal solo, Brian Swiggum, Mark Steger, and Cody Von Ruden-vocal trio, and Amelia Korn-saxophone solo.  
Class A participants: Cody Von Ruden- first on vocal solo; Scarlett Giesler- first on vocal solo; Brian Swiggum-first on musical theatre solo; Rosalba Hernandez-first in vocal solo, Shayna Kircher-first in classical solo and second in musical theatre solo, Katrina Bjornstad-first in classical and musical theatre solos.
Class  B participants: Lauren Thornton and Grace Schroeder- first on vocal duet; Steffanie Leis- first on flute solo; Janessa Kuderer-first on flute solo; Casey Urbanek- first on saxophone solo; Melissa Bess- first on tenor saxophone solo; Shania Wendland- second on trumpet solo; Carrie Urbanek- second on trombone solo; Alexis Gilbertson and Misty Duffy-first in vocal duet; April Bartle- second in vocal solo; Cody VonRuden and Lane Dickman-first in baritone duet; Katrina Bjornstad-first in oboe solo;  and Betsy Schreier-first in clarinet solo.
Class C participants: April Bartle and Rosalba Hernandez- first in vocal duet; Stephanie Tirado-Mendoza-first in saxophone solo; Josh Korn- first in saxophone solo; Angela Klinkner- first in clarinet solo; Jocalyn Carpenter-first in saxophone solo; Karlee Kirking, Rose Adams, Angela Klinkner, Emma Frieberg, Emily Schaldach, Stephanie Tirado-Mendoza, Breanne Huntzicker, Amanda Hemmersbach, Lauren Thornton- first on vocal triple trio; Scarlett Giesler and Steffanie Leis- first on vocal duet; Breanne Huntzicker, Noel Schmitz, Harley Hundt, Abby Wendland- first on vocal duet; Kathryn Mangan and Laura Zahn- first on vocal duet; Rose Adams, Emily Schaldach, Stephanie Tirado-Mendoza, Emma Frieberg- first on vocal duet; Lauren Thornton-first on vocal solo; Morgan Leis-first on vocal solo; Kathryn Mangan- first on vocal solo; Mitchell Kuhn- first on vocal solo; Kelsey Cerva and Amy von Seht- second on vocal duet; Haley Barnes- first on vocal solo; Katelin Mack-first on trumpet solo; Avrie Butzler and Karlee Kirking –first on flute duet; Emily Schaldach- first on bass clarinet solo; Noah Kunau- first on bassoon solo; Haley Barnes- first on clarinet solo; Lauren Thornton- second on flute solo; and Deanna Leis- second on trumpet solo.
Critique only participant: Taylor Menzynski- vocal solo, Taylor Menzynski, Jasmine Felch, Larissa Unseth, Haley Barnes- vocal duet, Nora Hestitune-vocal solo, Amy von Seht- vocal solo. (This category is for students who are sixth graders or simply want the benefit of comments from a judge without the rating.) 

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