Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Plan of Response

The recent and tragic events in Ohio are a sad reminder of extensive strategies that schools must have in place to manage crisis and emergency. Cashton Public Schools take our responsibility for student safety very seriously as we partner with parents and guardians to create a secure and productive environment of learning.
We would like to recognize this time of concern as an opportunity to remind parents, community stakeholders, grandparents, and other alarmed citizens about the programming we have in place.

Preventative Measures:

  • Staff visibility,
  • Positive environment of student reporting of concerns,
  • High focus on positive student-adult relationships,
  • Comprehensive coverage of video cameras in schools and buses,
  • Bullying prevention and character development curriculum,
  • Ongoing staff development and training regarding bullying and suicide detection and prevention,
  • Counselor intervention to aid in student awareness of resources,
  • Quick adult response to infractions.

Emergency Response Measures:
  • Updated district emergency response plan,
  • Staff review of emergency response plan twice per year,
  • Drug dogs search the high school-middle school at least once a year,
  • Student lock-down preparation done at least once a year,
  • Periodic student evacuation drills,
  • Coordination with Monroe County emergency response teams, including coordination with Monroe SWAT drills completed once every three years,
  • Coordination with local emergency response teams, including the distribution of school maps, keys, etc.

We can all hope that we will never face a situation that would necessitate the implementation of the above plans; however, with thoughtful preparation, with an approach of parental partnership in detecting and reporting concerns, and with close coordination with emergency response teams, Cashton Public Schools has a thorough plan to prevent and respond to crisis.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s building principal or the district administrator.

To view the schools bullying prevention and response program, chick here.

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