Wednesday, January 4, 2012

School District Vision Update

In 2008, a community group updated the Cashton Public School’s vision. More than 50 community members participated in an event to assist with the process. The end result is a community-based set of expectations that the School Board, school administration, and staff work toward every day.

Vision: Honoring Legacy, Cultivating Opportunities, Pursuing Excellence

Purpose: To foster a nurturing and engaging learning environment that empowers all students to reach their fullest potentials.

Value Statements:
  • Respect, integrity, and character,
  • Family and community involvement,
  • Leadership development,
  • Persistence and work ethic,
  • Creative and critical thinking,
  • The challenge to grow as the world grows,
  • Engaged and healthy citizens,
  • Tradition while looking toward the future,
  • Our rural identity,
  • High academic excellence/achievement.

    Since 2008, the school district has been working very hard to meet the expectations of the community. We thought that it was appropriate to update you on some of the highlights that we have been working on:
    • Awarded the 21st Century CCLC Grant, which Extended Learning Day
    • Expanded Summer School with Reading and Math Academies
    • Improved Summer School with Wellness, Technology, Literacy, and Leadership
    • Developed of the Work Study/Job Shadow Programming
    • Developed a HOSA for students (A Co-Curricular Group for Students interested in Health Careers)
    • Infused Educational Technology in all classrooms, Including Smartboards, iPads, iPods, etc.
    • Established a Wireless Campus
    • Improved our Safety Plan and Installed Video Cameras Busses and in and outside of Schools
    • Continued Implementation of the PEP Grant, including Climbing Walls
    • Advocated for Rural Schools in the Rural Political Caucus, Various State-wide Rural Schools Committees, and Became a Member of the Wisconsin Rural Schools’ Alliance
    • Enhanced the School Nutrition Program, Including Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab and Go Breakfast
    • Added Summer Food Service Program
    • Worked with the Cashton Alumni Association and Collaborated on the All School Reunion
    • Transitioned the School District to Google’s Email, Wiki, Blog, and Document Suite
    • Completed a Total Technology Infrastructure Update
    • Added AP Courses through Distance Learning and Virtual Classes
    • Expanded Inclusive Practice for High-Need Student Populations
    • Expanded Library Focus on Research Skills and 21st Century Media
    • Established Common Assessments at Primary and Intermediate Grades and Middle School
    • Implemented Data-Based Decision Making Process
    • Expanded the Use of Longitudinal Data Systems
    • Mandated Fiscal Literacy for High School Students
    • Partnered with UW-Madison to Study Video Gaming in Education
    • Increased capacity to communicate with parents through newsletters, and classroom websites
    • Revised the School Website
    • Added an ACT Preparation Class for Juniors and Seniors
    • Integrated Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying Curriculum at the Elementary
    • Facilitated Expanded District Wide Wellness Programming, Including a Wellness Day at the high school and middle school
    • Implemented Best-Practice in Grading Guidelines for Teachers in the High School and Middle School.
    • Further invested in Co-Curricular Programming, Including New Sound, Lights, and Curtains for the State, and a Strength Coach
    • High School Student Council partnered with Cupboard and Closet for Deliveries and Other Inventory.
    • Implemented Eagle Academic Block
    • Partnered with the “Monroe on the Go” Coalition for Physical Activity and Nutrition for food tastings and increased fresh fruits and vegetables at the elementary

    The Cashton Public Schools’ School Board, administration, and staff take our responsibility to achieve the community-based vision very seriously. Not only do we value the community, people, and stakeholders we serve, but we also treasure the opportunity to serve the kids of the greater Cashton area.

    The success of the school system has been a direct result of the positive relationships we have with the larger Cashton community. Strong relationships built over time have resulted in exceptional learning experiences for our students and staff. Yes, these times have been difficult; however, we’ve managed to continually improve despite these challenges, thanks to our dedicated staff, parents, and wonderful kids.

    On behalf of our students and families, thank you for supporting your public schools. It really makes a difference in the quality of life for us all!

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