Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Skills Innovations Lab

Cashton High School students are participating in a redesigned Job Skills course this year. This summer we renovated the old FCE room into a 21st century innovations lab. The room contains a graphics computer lab. Each computer is equipped with Photoshop and other graphics software. Mrs. Curtis, our business education teacher, helps students learn how to use these programs to create original designs and multimedia projects. The curriculum is project based. Mr. Schmitz, technology education teacher, helps students learn how to produce these multimedia projects on large scale formats. The production equipment in the lab includes a digital vinyl cutter, a laser engraver, screen printing equipment, a heat press, and a digital embroider. Already this year students have produced mouse pads, posters, wellness day prizes, homecoming t-shirts, and personalized water bottles. Mrs. Mosley, special education teacher, is the lead instructor for this course and works to integrate work habits and technical skills that will prepare students for employment in the 21st century. In the coming months the job skills team plans to market their products for special projects and other school organizations.

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