Monday, November 14, 2011

Cashton Students Are All In

A couple events over the past two weeks have reminded me how important a role that extra curricular activities play in the development of middle and high school students.    In both instances these opportunities would not have been possible without members of our Cashton learning community going above and beyond what is required.

On November 4th, students in the music department put on a variety show for the community.  The format allowed family, friends, and community members the opportunity to watch students perform individual, small group, and whole group pieces.  The atmosphere was fun and relaxed, and I am pretty sure the students enjoyed the chance to select the music and help with the choreography.   Kathryn Miller, choir director, and Matt Muraski, band director, deserve a great deal of credit for planning this event.

On November 11th and 12th, student athletes in grades six through twelve participated in Cashton's first ever "Be An Eleven" Bigger, Faster, Stronger Clinic.  Over two days, students learned the keys to proper speed, strength, and conditioning techniques.    Students also participated in personal and team goal setting exercises. Coaching representatives from all athletics teams were present and actively working together to understand how these techniques will help their student athletes improve performance.    It is important to note that it is technically the off-season between fall and winter sports for our athletes and coaches.  However, rather than using this time to "take a break" the athletics department and students were working together to improve.  A special thanks for Bill Freiberg, activities director, and Joe Woodhouse, strength and conditioning coach, for organizing this event.

It is inspiring to work with students and educators willing to put in the time and effort required for success.

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