Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Health Careers Academy

This year, Cashton High School started a Health Careers Academy. The mission of the Health Careers Academy will be to provide opportunities for students interested in pursuing medical or health science careers. Members of the academy will participate in monthly luncheons with local health professionals, attend fields trips to explore health care facilities, research health related post-secondary programs, have the chance to volunteer at local health facilities, and will gain CPR and AED certifications.

Supporting the recruitment and development of health professionals is not just a school issue. Cashton, like many areas in the Scenic Rivers district, is a rural area. According to the Agency for Health Research and Quality ( one-fourth of America’s populations live in rural areas and when compared to urban Americans, rural residents have higher poverty rates, tend to be in poorer health, and have less access to care. A major contributing factor to this problem is the lack of primary care physicians and other health care providers in rural areas. One way we can change this trend is to provide opportunities for current students in rural areas to learn more about the health professions. It will likely be easier to attract physicians and health care professionals to rural areas who have grown up in rural areas. Proactive programming in the middle and high school is one way identify and attract our most successfully students to enter this emerging profession and to keep their talents in the area.

This school year students have had the opportunity to meet with:

Judy Gilbertson- Vernon Memorial Volunteer and Job shadow coordinator. She provided students with an overview of Vernon Memorial, job shadowing areas, and volunteer program. Students were able to pick up applications to apply for job shadowing experiences. Nine students have taken applications.

Sherri Harris- Nurse Practitioner came and spoke with students about her education and background, her scope of practice compared to Drs., Physician assistants, credentialing, why she chose a rural setting, and where she sees a need in the future for healthcare.

Samantha Kraft- Scenic Rivers AHEC spoke with students on services she can help with such as applications for school and scholarships.

Planned upcoming events include a Pharmaceutical Representative, the HealthCare Extravaganza, and hopefully field trips to Gundersen Lutheran and Mayo Health Systems Hospitals.

A special thanks you School Nurse, Tiffany Giesler, for leading this group and to Scenic Rivers AHEC for partnering with us on this project.

If you or your child are interested in joining the Health Careers Academy please stop in the office or speak with Tiffany Giesler (ext. 229) for more information.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Positive Parent and Teacher Communication

This past month our faculty met to discuss an important component to student success. A positive relationship between parents and teachers creates an environment in which the student can reach his/her greatest potential. At our meeting teachers discussed effective and productive communication strategies, factors to consider when deciding to contact parents, lessons learned from tense meetings with parents, and communication actions by teachers and parents that can negatively impact student progress. Common effective practices discussed included contacting parents early in the term; making sure to contact parents for positive reasons; maintaining a class web site to update parents on the daily objectives and classroom assignments; staying focused on the facts during parent meetings; working with parents to create a plan for success; establishing a means for follow up communication; and selecting the right mode of communication.

We reviewed parent-teacher communication guidelines developed by other districts and our ultimate goal will be to develop common communication guidelines for parents and teachers. Any feedback from parents or resources from other educators would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quarter 1 Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following Cashton Middle/High School students for making the Quarter 1 A-Honor Roll.

12th Grade
Mariah Campton
Sonia Cummings
Amber Dahl
MacKenzie Daines
Ryan Deflorain
Dillon Flock
Megan Flock
Sarah Gronemus
Whitney Hanson
Allison Hemmersbach
Chloe Kaiser
Amelia Korn
Clare Leis
Robin Muenzenberger
Haley Nowakowski
Samual Roamer
Kelli Schimtz
Hans Stennes-Spidahl
Amber Tway
Cody Von Ruden

11th Grade
Lane Dickman
Morgan Dickman
Crystal Felch
Jacob Hemmersbach
Megan Hemmersbach
Ashley Hurtz
Hannah Peterson
James Slattery
Ashley Thornton

10th Grade
Kala Arentz
Katrina Bjornstad
Kole Campton
Jacky Dickman
Nichole Gaethke
Janessa Kuderer
Troy Muenzenberg
Marisa Schaldach
Nathan Schmitz
Carrie Urbanek
Casey Urbanek
Jenna Von Ruden
Tanner Von Ruden
Shania Wendland

9th Grade
Mark Gronemus
Betsy Schreier
Brandon Vieth

8th Grade
Jocalyn Carpenter
Lindsey Kramer
Ethan Leis
Jamie Schmitz
Grace Schroeder
Lauren Thornton
Daniel Zinnel

7th Grade
Rose Adams
Gabriel Anderson
Avrie Butzler
Emma Freiberg
Rebecca Gronemus
Harley Hundt
Breanne Huntzicker
Karlee Kirking
Angela Klinkner
Kaleb Mlsna
Olivia Pieper
Noel Schmitz
Alexis Schroeder
Stephanie Tirado mendoza
Abby Wendland

6th Grade
Brady Butzler
Kyah Flock
Taylor Flock
Taylor Hanley
Madaline Leis
Autumn Ritter
Emily Swenson
Laura Zinnel

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quarter 1 Recap

Many thanks to Lynda Hurtz for creating this animoto video of students.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Google Apps Certified Trainer

Mr. Bakke, our middle school social studies teacher, is one of a group of Cashton Educators currently training to become a Google Certified Trainer. One requirement is the creation of a two-minute video outlining how the teacher is integrating technology in the classroom and their innovative approach to using Google Apps.

Cashton Students Are All In

A couple events over the past two weeks have reminded me how important a role that extra curricular activities play in the development of middle and high school students.    In both instances these opportunities would not have been possible without members of our Cashton learning community going above and beyond what is required.

On November 4th, students in the music department put on a variety show for the community.  The format allowed family, friends, and community members the opportunity to watch students perform individual, small group, and whole group pieces.  The atmosphere was fun and relaxed, and I am pretty sure the students enjoyed the chance to select the music and help with the choreography.   Kathryn Miller, choir director, and Matt Muraski, band director, deserve a great deal of credit for planning this event.

On November 11th and 12th, student athletes in grades six through twelve participated in Cashton's first ever "Be An Eleven" Bigger, Faster, Stronger Clinic.  Over two days, students learned the keys to proper speed, strength, and conditioning techniques.    Students also participated in personal and team goal setting exercises. Coaching representatives from all athletics teams were present and actively working together to understand how these techniques will help their student athletes improve performance.    It is important to note that it is technically the off-season between fall and winter sports for our athletes and coaches.  However, rather than using this time to "take a break" the athletics department and students were working together to improve.  A special thanks for Bill Freiberg, activities director, and Joe Woodhouse, strength and conditioning coach, for organizing this event.

It is inspiring to work with students and educators willing to put in the time and effort required for success.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Skills Innovations Lab

Cashton High School students are participating in a redesigned Job Skills course this year. This summer we renovated the old FCE room into a 21st century innovations lab. The room contains a graphics computer lab. Each computer is equipped with Photoshop and other graphics software. Mrs. Curtis, our business education teacher, helps students learn how to use these programs to create original designs and multimedia projects. The curriculum is project based. Mr. Schmitz, technology education teacher, helps students learn how to produce these multimedia projects on large scale formats. The production equipment in the lab includes a digital vinyl cutter, a laser engraver, screen printing equipment, a heat press, and a digital embroider. Already this year students have produced mouse pads, posters, wellness day prizes, homecoming t-shirts, and personalized water bottles. Mrs. Mosley, special education teacher, is the lead instructor for this course and works to integrate work habits and technical skills that will prepare students for employment in the 21st century. In the coming months the job skills team plans to market their products for special projects and other school organizations.